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    Post Workout Nutrition and Supplementation

    If you take your training seriously then you should be taking your nutrition just as seriously.

    The old saying, you are what you eat could not be any closer to the truth and is even more important when it comes to enhancing your performance and achieving your goals!

    Nutrition is a major factor that needs to be considered for you to adequately recover and be ready to back up another intense training session. This nutrition, or reward for your body’s hardwork, should start almost immediately after a session is complete.

    The length and type of training session that has been performed will dictate your post workout nutrition requirements. Typically in a RAW IRON session most workouts require you to work above 85% vo2 max. This means that we are predominantly using our muscle glycogen. The quicker you replace this muscle glycogen the quicker you are ready for your next workout. Twenty minutes post workout is the optimal time to eat carbohydrates as your muscles will soak up anything that is put in to your system.

    I’ll preface this next part by saying that even though I follow a fairly clean eating based nutrition plan, I view nutrition and supplementation seperately. I will eat clean, so when it comes to taking supplements I take whatever is necessary for performance.This doesn’t mean I will consume supplements loaded with rubbish for the sake of it, however it also doesn’t mean I won’t consume supplements which aren’t “clean.” However if you are a stickler for a clean eating approach, post workout I recommend a natural protein powder, some sweet potato or boiled eggs. Come and have a chat to us about what might be right for you.

    You’ve done the hardwork so allow your body to reap the rewards!


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