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    Raw Iron

    Raw Iron is a CrossFit coaching facility and functional fitness facility on the Gold Coast. We offer group coaching, and personal training, utilizing the functional CrossFit training methodology. Raw Iron & CrossFit RI workouts are comprised of constantly varied functional movements (like pushing, pulling, squatting, lifting, running) executed at high intensity. Whatever your goal is we guarantee we can get you there!

    We also have a members lounge with free Wi-Fi and a community like no other

    What is CrossFit?

    CrossFit is a program developed to offer a full-body workout that combines elements of cardio, weight lifting, gymnastics, core training and more to prepare the body for the unexpected.

    CrossFit delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Our specialty is not specializing.

    What we do at CFRI

    So what does that really mean? It means that at Raw Iron CrossFit, you will not find rows of stationary bikes and weight machines. Instead you will find pull-up bars, kettlebells, barbells and wide open space for squatting, running, jumping, climbing, lifting and throwing – moving your body the way it is meant to be moved. It means that all your workouts will be comprised of exercises that mimic movements performed in day-to-day life or sport.  We focus on improving functional movements that are necessary and common in your daily activities.

    It also means that you will never get bored. With our constantly varied programming you will rarely do the same workout twice in any given year.

    You will never have to program your own workouts or spend hours in the gym. Instead, each day a workout will be provided for you that is scalable to suit your fitness level. And because our workouts are rarely longer than 40 minutes they can fit into even the busiest schedules.

    Our fitness programming aims to improve your capacity in ten recognized fitness domains cardio-respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. The result is comprehensive physical fitness and restored vitality.

    If you are looking to get fitter, stronger and become the best version of you, then CrossFit is for you!
    Make sure you fill out the form provided to try your 1st class for FREE!

    Raw Iron is for you if you:

    • Want to get in shape but don’t know how to begin
    • Have lost interest in your gym routine or get bored with your workouts
    • Think you don’t have time to exercise
    • Are looking to get faster or stronger for your sport
    • Are no longer seeing results with your current training regimen.
    • Take your training to the next level and compete

    What makes us different?

    • Knowledgeable 1st Class Coaches
    • Recovery Room Including Sauna and Massage
    • Functional Fitness classes & CrossFit for the everyday person
    • Gymnastics Speciality Classes
    • Exercise Physiologist, The Movement Doctor on hand to help
    • Specific Goal orientated programming (netball, soccer, rugby, Spartan races etc.)
    • If you’re looking to get in shape and have fun or if you are looking to take your training to the next level, we have the classes to cater for you.
    • Over 50+ hours of open gym time available weekly. This is time to come in and self-train or catch up on the daily WOD. ( workout of the day)
    • Specific weightlifting Barbell Club
    • Members Lounge. Raw Iron is fantastic place to make new friends, hang out and get some important ‘You’ Time
    • Free Wifi

    Raw Iron Gold Coast Barbell Club

    Whether you are amateur athlete interested in building a solid base of strength, or an inspiring weightlifter wanting to develop your skills, the Queensland Weightlifting Association (QWA) certified Raw Iron Barbell Club is the place for you. ( see timetable page for more info on Barbell programming)

    Competition Squad

    CrossFit can also be a sport. For certain individuals that wish to take the sport to the next level we also offer a Competition Squad.
    Comp is a competition program designed to take athletes to the next level. Certain physical capabilities need to be met before athletes can progress to Comp Programming,

    Email us at: [email protected] for more information or discuss with your coach.


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