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    New To Raw Iron

    Exciting News!

    We have been super busy in the Raw Iron house over the past few months. We can now finally breathe a  sigh of relief and announce that a few exciting collaborations and additions to the gym have been made..

    Firstly a warm welcome to AIM performance Therapies. Dr Kate is an experienced Chiropractor with a wealth of knowledge in the Functional Fitness world. Treating out of  RI to assist with rehabilitation & injury prevention we are very lucky to have her services at such close hands. Kate also looks after our clients by giving them the option of a Functional  Screening test to ensure they are moving correctly and can be safely migrated into classes. For more info on Kate and her services please check out her Facebook page.

    Secondly we have Adrienne Karniewicz who Specializes in Sports and Remedial Massage.  Her services as a Sports Massage Therapist can help with your recovery and relieving pain in the affected areas of the body whilst also helping to correct postural imbalances and poor mobility and movement patterns.  You can book with Adi through her Facebook Page

    Secondly we have a Infrared Sauna to ensure everyone is maximising there Recovery.  Recovery is just as important as training hard.  Available to all members as apart of their memberships.

    And lastly we have added on 3 extra Olympic Lifting/ Barbell sessions to the timetable. ( Barbell Club is now every Wed/Thurs/Fri) The Barbell club has become very popular and it’s very exciting to watch the members increase their lifting power every week!

    To enquire about joining Raw Iron, please fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch very soon!


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