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    For the Boys: CrossFit and Mass Gain

    For the Boys: CrossFit and Mass Gain

    Today's blog is dedicated to those boys whose goal is mass gain!

    Mass Gain through CrossFit and Nutrition. How can we achieve it?

    * Increase your overall caloric intake: you can do this by keeping fat levels moderate or similar to what they are now, increasing your carbohydrate intake throughout the day as well as post training, as well as slightly increasing your protein intake. The most important macro nutrient to focus on is carbohydrate.

    * Carbohydrate intake: You can increase your carbohydrates the natural way through baking loads of sweet potato and consuming grains. When consuming grains or extra carbohydrates stay away from foods that contain gluten. That is why we suggest sweet potato and the best choice of grain would be white rice. For those that really struggle there are carbohydrate supplements and if you look carefully at the nutritional label or the type of protein you are buying, often different names will have different levels of carbohydrate.

    * General training: Lift heavy weights often, but as this is a 30 day challenge, do not drastically increase the amount of training you are doing if you sustain and overuse injury you will not be training at all. Cardio training should include, one longer slow distance type workout e.g. sitting on an air dyne for 30 + minutes at a low steady state, but the majority of your cardio training should be short, sharp, sprint intervals. These are often worked into our CrossFit sessions weekly in a smart balanced way so be wary in adding too many extra sprints. Check the day’s training before you add in extras.

    * Post Training: There is no harm in adding supplementary exercises, post training such as glute ham raises , bicep curls, band tricep push downs, some push ups and sit ups. Your first meal post training is one of the most important and a time where you should rush in as much carbohydrate and protein as you can from your daily allowance without being ridiculous. After intense exercise you have a window of less than an hour where your muscles will suck up whatever you put in, this is the best time to have supplements such as Anabolic Injection, creatine, and branch chain amino acids.


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