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    Barbell Club


    Gold Coast Raw Iron Barbell Club, located in Ashmore, Gold Coast, offers an olympic weightlifting program to improve your Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Our program, is specifically designed to improve your Technique and enhance your general training and give you structure to your strength training.


    Olympic weightlifting is a sport in which athletes compete to lift the greatest amount of weight overhead within an athlete’s weight category. The competition lifts are the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. Each weightlifter receives three attempts in each lift. The combined total of the highest successful attempt for each lift determines the athlete’s placing within their respective body weight category.

    In contrast, Olympic-style weightlifting is a form of weight training incorporating the competitive lifts or variations of the Olympic weightlifts. Athletes use Olympic-style weightlifting as a part of their sports conditioning program to develop explosive speed strength, or power.

    Success in Olympic-style weightlifting is defined by snatching and clean and jerking more. It is not defined by having a huge squat or carrying an impressive workload in training. To be sure, those things can certainly contribute to increasing the competitive lifts, but don’t let them become an end unto themselves.

    We have a QWA Weightlifting coach on hand to ensure proper technique, form and to maximize results at each visit. Conveniently accessible 3 days a week in our open gym times, our programs are open to the intermediate and experienced lifters

    “Olympic Weightlifting is one of the single best training protocols available for developing explosive power, flexibility, coordination and strength in athletics. Well-coached Olympic Weightlifting is statistically one of the safest sports practiced in the world”

    As well as teaching the fundamentals of the Olympic lifts, we can garantee you your new found strength and conditioning will cross over into your specific chosen sport. You can be confident that you are in the safe hands of an experienced coach, and that volume, intensity and exercise selection can be modified to ensure optimal progress for every lifter.

    Ready to get started? We offer an awesome program available throughout the week. Come on in and check us out.


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