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    Timetables & Membership


    At Raw Iron we offer a range of memberships that caters for all starting from as little as $35pw. We also offer a fantastic discount to First Responders, Couples and Families. We offer a FREE session for you to come and try us out! Simply fill out the contact form and we will be in touch
    very soon.


    Goal-Based Programming

    Our programs are designed to improve your health and performance in the way that is most suitable for you. As everyone walking in our doors has a vast range of personal goals and ability levels, our group coaching program is designed with this in mind.

    CrossFit Group ClassFunctional Training at its Best

    CrossFit RI & Raw Iron is strength and conditioning program specialising in not specialising. Suitable for all levels, from beginners to more advanced. Raw Iron CrossFit group classes contain a combination of Olympic and Power lifting, gymnastics, cardiovascular movements and so much more. The best way to understand Raw Iron is to try it. Raw Iron  CrossFit Group classes are suitable for all levels with plenty of scaling options available. If you are looking for results in fitness and strength then look no further. This is the class for you ( check out our CrossFit page for more info on what CrossFit is) 

    NEW to CrossFit Training? Email [email protected]  and book into your 1st class. Here one of our experienced coaches will take you through your session to ensure you are moving correctly and safely. Good News. You can now Try us for FREE! Your First class is on us so email us to book in. Please be advised you must book prior to attending a class.

    L2 CrossFit Performance Competition Class

    The L2 program is developed for the athletes wanting to take their training to the next level and step it up for the competition season. These workouts include a greater degree of intensity and complexity. You’ll be exposed to gymnastics, Olympic lifting, plyometric’s, sprinting, etc. Prerequisites in benchmark workouts must be hit before access to L2 programming.  L2 programming will provide you with the tools to reach new strength levels and push yourself beyond what you thought were achievable. For further information on this please ask us directly in-house.

    • 5:30AM Saturday Sessions will be advanced Level 2  Comp Class. These classes have pre requisites before you can attend level 2. Please see your coach for more info


    Designed & Programmed specifically for to get that ultimate cardio blast

    • We can help you lose body fat and get the body you want!
    • HIIT training. By incorporating intense periods of work with short recovery segments, interval training helps you give maximum intensity while still maintaining your exercise form. The magic of high intensity interval training (or HIIT, for short) is that it keeps your body burning fat even after you leave the gym.


    The main focus of Barbell Club is to allow you to improve the technical execution of the snatch, clean & jerk, and related lifts. At Barbell Club, you can expect to snatch or clean & jerk, perform auxiliary exercises, and perform other drills to supplement the Olympic lifts. Programmed specifically to get you strong, this performance enhancing class is guaranteed to improve your lifts. See our Barbell Page for more info.
    NEW Hours available for Barbell Club. Mon, Wed, Fri


    1 hour of Skills, Strength and Conditioning to help you improve all aspects of your gymnastics. Taught by Sam Thackway, an Elite level Gymnastics athlete and coach, these classes are designed to give you all the tools to improve and succeed 


    Free time to come in and work on your programming or spend time developing your skills. These times are not coached; however an instructor will be on hand to help if required.

    Personal Training

    Personal training offers that valuable one on one time to advance your skills or FastTrack your results. 

    Catering for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced. Our entire team focuses their energies exclusively on helping our clients achieve their personal transformation and weight loss goals.  

    Contact us TODAY at by filling out the form provided or email: [email protected]


    Free To all members. Unlimited use of Infra-Red Sauna and Ice Bath.

    Are you from Out of Town?

    At Raw Iron we welcome visitors to our gym however you will have needed to have completed a CrossFit Fundamentals course at your local box or have had at least 3 months prior Cross-Fitting experience prior to attending a class. 

    Drop in Price is $20 for 1 X Session, $45 for 3 x Sessions or $55 for Unlimited Classes for 1 week


    • We have no contract terms associated with Direct Debit. We ask for just 30 days notice to cancel your membership
    • You must book in for your first class. Please email: [email protected] to book
    • Please note we do NOT have eftpos facilities available.

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